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Advancing Idaho Businesses with Tailored Financial Solutions

In the robust and growing economic environment of Idaho, the need for a reliable financial partner to fuel your business endeavors is paramount. At Motor City Funding, we extend a comprehensive range of financial solutions including business loans, commercial real estate loans, ERC loans, equipment financing, and purchase order financing, designed to meet the diverse needs of Idaho businesses. 


Our business loans are meticulously structured to furnish the working capital you require to ensure smooth day-to-day operations. Whether it's meeting payroll deadlines, restocking inventory, or managing unexpected expenses, our loans with flexible repayment terms and competitive rates are crafted to keep your business financially sound. 

Embarking on commercial real estate ventures in Idaho is made accessible with our commercial loans. Real estate not only represents a significant asset but also a step towards long-term wealth creation. Our commercial real estate loans are your gateway to acquiring prime property, thus establishing a solid market presence in the Gem State. 


ERC loans at Motor City Funding provide a financial safety net, ensuring you have the essential capital to sustain operations during challenging economic phases. 

Our equipment financing solutions are tailored to enable you to procure the necessary machinery and technology crucial for scaling your operations, without exhausting your working capital. Similarly, our purchase order financing solutions facilitate fulfilling large orders, ensuring a positive cash flow while meeting the demands of your clients efficiently. 


Motor City Funding is committed to bolstering the growth of local businesses. Our seasoned team of mortgage experts and commercial underwriters are dedicated to guiding you through every step of the loan process, identifying the right financial solution to meet your business needs. Partner with us, and navigate through Idaho’s financial landscape with a trusted companion, propelling your business towards a horizon of success and sustainability in the flourishing Idaho market. 

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