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Credit Card Processing

Providing merchants with the ability to process credit card payments

Customers have come to expect businesses to accept at least some type of credit card and your small business would be at a disadvantage if it did not follow suit. With transactional, flat, and incidental fees, providing this service to your customers can be expensive. We can help.

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Affordable Credit Card Processing



  • Giving merchants the ability to process payments of credit card affordably



  • We offer the best credit card payment processing rates on the market

  • State-of-the-art terminals, including wireless capability

  • Internet credit card payment processing

  • Lifetime support and training


Ask yourself

  • Are you currently using credit card payment processing?

  • Do you do online credit card payment processing?

  • How much credit card payment processing do you do a month?

  • What are your current credit card processing rates?


Good to know

  • We work with small to Fortune 500-sized companies

  • We have a direct relationship with the credit card issuing bank. By cutting out all the middle men we provide the lowest rates available for processing of credit card payments

  • We do a side-by-side comparison for you so you can see if switching to us makes more sense

  • We also offer ATM/debit card processing

  • Seamless terminal install with no interruption to your business

  • Credit card payment processing is not paid for out of pocket; you only pay for the credit card processing service with a tiny fraction of your credit card sales

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Proud owner of a restaurant in California and was seeking capital to open a second location. My specialist at Motor City Funding Funding got me the exact dollar amount I needed to open, including renovation and equipment costs.

Harry R

Restaurant Owner

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